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Why Choose Us?

Unique Quality


Core Values 

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

  • Respect: We believe that a feeling of mutual respect inspires trust, confidence and communication. ...

  • Integrity: We believe in setting high standards and moral conduct. ...

  • Dedication & Agility: We take pride in our attentive, proactive and diligent guards. ...

  • Quality: We believe in excellence and high performing services.


Our Story

What We Do

At CIS, no case is too complicated for us to handle. Just take a look at the large range of cases we’ve worked on in the past. Each case begins with a free and confidential initial consultation meeting. Once you decide to work with our professionals, we build a team for your case according to its nature and specific requirements. You can trust our professionals to ethically and professionally gather whatever information is required to help you make informed decisions.

In every case we work on, we help our clients to the best of our ability, or guide them in the right direction so they can obtain the information they seek. If you have a case, you’d like us to analyze and solve, get in touch with us today.

Case Studies

Through our case studies, we hope to portray various examples of past successes in all kinds of cases, large and small. Cases are also a great way for prospective clients to learn more about the way our Private Investigation Firm operates. Caliber Investigations Specialist LLC investigators go the extra mile to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with what we provide.

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Family Infidelity Case.


After many months of suspicious activity, this client decided to work with the professionals at Caliber Investigations Specialist LLC to get to the bottom of the Parker Family Infidelity Case. After a brief consultation meeting, it was clear that some very minor changes in the investigation process would quickly and accurately provide the client with all the answers they were looking for. We were right - this case was solved in less than three months, and justice was served.

Nanny Camera Case

Justice was Served

When this client decided to hire us for the Nanny Camera Case, they were in a desperate state and had tried all other options. Through the use of discreet technologies and a specialized team that was highly familiar with the client’s hometown, Caliber Investigations Specialist LLC was able to get to the bottom of the case and each party got what they deserved.

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